Friday, June 08, 2007

Why we do what we do

Thanks for taking the time to visit!Here is our philosophical views on burning topics such asWhy beaded lanyards? Our Beads, Third World Opportunitiesand Security & Safety ID issues today. Why Beaded Lanyards? We strongly believe that professionals who need to wear their ID at work can do so with a well-made, stylish id badge holder. Companies use many different ways for employees to wear ID badges, but rarely can individuals wear something they like or have a choice in wearing. Lanyards are typically a sort of ID necklace made of ball chain, cord, fabric or a shoelace type material. We have decided that a beaded lanyard can be a fashion accessory, and that our best way to provide the greatest range of products is through beaded lanyards. Some need to wear their ID badges on retractable badge reels so that they can easily “swipe” them at security checkpoints. For this we have come up with retractable badge reels so that style is not sacrificed for functionality. So whether you are shopping for beaded lanyards, id badge holders or fashion forward retractable badge reels, we might be the place for you. Please check out the rest of our site here at to learn more about how we make our'>">our style="font-family:Verdana;"> and where you can find them.Our BeadsThe beads that we use for our badge holders come from all over the world. We shop at bead shows all over the world in places like Asia, Africa and South America. Here is one of our exciting stories on how we discovered beads that are in our amazing collection of beaded lanyards.
  • While shopping at the NYC bead show we stumbled upon an amazing gentleman from Peru. Actually, we were lured there by a small quartet of musicians from his country who were playing a beautiful haunting song right across the aisle! This gentleman had a fantastic array of beads that we thought were perfect for our beaded badge holders and retractable badge reels. Especially attractive were small handmade ribbons we use for our breast cancer awareness lanyards, in the perfect colors to honor the fight against various forms of this disease.
We did run into a problem though as language barriers prevented us from being able to communicate easily with this gentleman and our needs when making our badge holders. One of our quick thinking associates called our home office, where one of our staff has a husband from Columbia who speaks fluent Spanish. A conference call began, multi lingual conversations began, and the rest is well…history. Through kindness, quick thinking and a willingness to stretch ourselves a little bit, we are able to provide you with terrific cancer awareness beaded lanyards that are unique in every way. Click'>¤t=2&sid=25">Click here if you would like to see this wonderful product. Third World OpportunitiesWe understand how lucky we are to be able to live in such a wonderful country and as two professional women, be able to provide opportunities for people in other parts of the world. In order to achieve our mission of producing id badge holders that can help put food on other people’s tables too, we have build coalitions with individuals in South Africa and Asia.Our VP of creative tells the story of traveling in South Africa with a young woman who represented home based industries in small villages. She was not only impressed with the terrific craftsmanship of the handmade filo clay beads done by these villagers, but the pride they took in being able to support themselves economically. Who knew that our beaded badge holders would mean that some children born to HIV+ parents would be able to sleep better at night because they had full tummies? Our travels to Asia brought us around to other different challenging realities. As a true middle class is growing rapidly in China, manufacturing of all kinds is also. We promised ourselves, and in turn you, our supporters, that our beaded lanyards would be made by individuals that were paid a fare wage for their work, treated well and had comfortable work environments. Lanyards as a political tool is not our first intent, but that is the reality in a global economy. Thanks for your interest, and our support. It is truly a pleasure to bring you our fabulous line of id accessories from lanyards, beaded lanyards our new pink ribbon jewelry and the retractable badge reels and eyeglass leashes that have made us famous!

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