Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Whats it all about Alfie?

So last night I had a 69th birthday party for my father. My Dad is an an awesome guy who runs our internet fufillment center. He has packed quite a few beaded lanyards and nurse gifts in his day that is for sure!Last night was really an important milestone for me....for so many years I was moved by my bosses in corporate america and I haven't lived in the same city as them for years. One of the many reasons i decided to start my own business was the goal to be able to control where I lived for the first time in so many years. Living in FL was a priority and so was living by my parents (who have a winter home here)So I would be lying if i didnt tell you that starting this business has had its share of sacrifices. My last life of limos, corner offices, steady paychecks and pools of admins seems so very long ago.I never regret having started our business, But there are days when i miss the perksBut all that gets wiped away pretty fast when you see your 3 year old son (BooJee!) kiss his grandfather and say "Happy Birthday Papaw-- I Love You"So when you get your perfectly packed beaded lanyard or great teacher gift in that cool purple envelope, I need to tell you that my father, John Edward Harringon has been packing every order since we started. He was a former CEO himself. Now, his greatest joy is helping his children create the future they have always dreamed of. I always wanted to be like my Dad- a sucessful business person and a person who loves unconditionally. Does it get any better than that? Regrets? To hell with them. I am the luckiest woman alive

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